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Stuck the webpage for LTCDLL v0.1 up, just for laughs. Basically a dll that's callable from visual basic/etc that lets you use functions from libtomcrypt. Only hashing functions included right now, because i'm lazy. example included
Here's my Firefox Scrapbook(The firefox extension) Srapbook archive :)
For those of you having problems with XP SP2's outgoing incomplete TCP connection limit (which is 10 connections) i've mirrored LvlLord's pather, which will let you set it to whatever you want.
I also mirrored the guide that has what parts of the tcpip.sys file you need to change, if you want to patch by hand.
Since the windows XChat binaries have been removed from and 2.4 is now "shareware" with a 30day nag screen, here are some links to XChat 2.0.10c for windows and of course the source for said binary.
SHA1 Hashes:
5f4d06033e291fc65f11876242b3ec8a1533434e xchat-2.0.10c.exe
bc5d45589a1c9a4b59edcb12699fd33344243c22 xchat-2.0.10.tar.bz2
If I can be bothered compiling 2.4 for myself, i'll stick the binary up for that, too at some later date.
The Bush Donkey Quote"The blacks are gagging on the donkey, but not yet ready to swallow the elephant. The man should not be allowed to speak in public
Oh, heck. Here's a binary of hashsum and hashsum source. Basically a md5sum clone, but with more!
It's the hashing example from libtomcrypt. Was built with the free MSVC 2003 Toolkit. The binary is compiled with the following algorithms:
tiger, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1,SHA256,SHA384,SHA512,rmd128,rmd160 and whirlpool.
Also, a basic en/decrypting app, also from the libtomcrypt examples. encrypt binary and encrypt source.
SHA1 Hashes:
dd95f44cb74c24d9de129d8f4f0e30eeb6fb2891 hashsum.exe
67372246407cb4629b98a88b6ed7a8de73bac304 encrypt.exe
Built with the MS 2003 Toolkit as well, it includes the following ciphers:
aes, blowfish, xtra, rc2, rc5, rc6, safer+,twofish, des, 3des, cast5, noekeon, and skipjack.

It's "Blue Screen Tuesday"! aka Windows Update Day. Goto Windows Update for M$ Update Goodness if you havn't already!
Or, if auto updates are on, install the damn things! And reboot, of course, since Windows is all about rebooting.. 2004/06/29:
Here's some pictures of Whakatane and various other places close by, while I'm back in NZed.. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Isn't New Zealand pretty?
ArtRage Traces that i've done. There are some missing, must try to find them at some point..

2004/06/09: Rootdown gets my vote for President Of the Internet
This site is also now hosted at solfire. My Solfire hosted site! which will handle lots more traffic than my current hosting company provides!
Old crap
Cheap Command line parser I wrote. clo.c
Libtomcrypt is an excellent crypto library. I've written an examplish program that does most of the usual crypto stuff, TCPG
A CHAP like server/client using libtomcrypts hmac functions. hmac_auth.c
Tom St Denis's website
Here's a Makefile for msvc for LibTomNet a secure socket library from Tom St Denis. Needs libtomcrypt
I've also mirrored WackGet on here, which is a small GPL download manager thingy for windows.
Wackget 1.2.2 installer (180K) or you can get the Source (68k)
My webcam! Sometimes running, sometimes not. If you get a 503/connection refused, it's because the damn thing ain't on!
And now, a page that show's what kind of Cool Stuff you can do with CSS. You need a CSS1/2 standards compliant browser for this to work properly. (But isn't done yet)
My GPG key is here
Fingerprint: B30C 8C4B A734 513F FC75 41C7 B561 9CE0 3A15 5B13

Also, if there are any furries in New Zealand looking for fellow furs, join the NZ furry mailing list :)