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I also run HTTPS Watch NZ the NZ version of HTTPS Watch
I can be found on the following IM networks:
  1. Email: Proton mail: kyhwana at PGP key
  2. Wire: Kyhwana
  3. IRC: (various networks) kyhwana
  5. Telegram: kyhwana
  6. WhatsApp: Whatsapp fingerprint/QR code
  7. Twitter: Kyhwana
  8. Signal: Ask for my phone number!
  9. Ricochet: ricochet:v6rvjred35fyzsqz

My GPG key ID: 0x3A155B13
Fingerprint: B30C 8C4B A734 513F FC75 41C7 B561 9CE0 3A15 5B13
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