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I also run HTTPS Watch NZ the NZ version of HTTPS Watch
I can be found on the following IM networks:
  1. Jabber: kyhwana at Desktop OTR: 17971F1B88A7607B103B653293AFCC73B02D53BF / 0F5575A959FD6AF407AB5442A6DED7293C514338
  2. Skype: kyhwana (or
  3. ICQ: 1081190
  4. AIM: kyhwana
  5. Yahoo: kyhwana109
  6. Google hangoouts: kyhwana at
  7. IRC: (various networks) kyhwana
  9. Minilock ID: BivSe7axkNQsfRHooHusxJUQGd1eD4Xc89FoaUTx3wvdo
  10. Telegram: kyhwana
  11. Bitcoin: 1CL9f2nkhCxTpfF6s52L5h6tNeSpZx23zU
  12. Threema ID: FHMFXBNR/KYHWANA. Fingerprint: fd3d4f19be988dcf69bd5836f0fde3a8
  13. PeerIO: kyhwana ID: G4cNo4RW1bz66GHvYyfJHHPotad2wFupmj5AnP5whoeeh
  14. Textsecure: (number hidden) New (2016-03-06): 05 e9 f9 58 d0 6d 46 15 43 6e 6d 5f 53 4b e3 6c d0 4a 4a c3 51 74 53 80 7b 6c f6 51 d2 d2 1f 80 37
  15. WhatsApp: Whatsapp fingerprint/QR code

My GPG key ID: 0x3A155B13
Fingerprint: B30C 8C4B A734 513F FC75 41C7 B561 9CE0 3A15 5B13
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This domain should be reachable over IPv6 and is also DNSSEC signed as well as TLSA/DANE signed.
It is also available as a tor hidden service (The cert fingerprint should match the one on this page) Website Security Test Strict-Transport-Security:"max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains"